Spiritual Gifts Analysis

The Team Ministry Spiritual Gifts Inventory is a discovery tool that provides you with a personalized analysis.

Strengths Testing

Take the Core Values Index (CVI) Test

The Core Values Index is an extremely effective personal assessment instrument that provides you with insights about your motivations and preferences at the deepest level. We use this instrument in a variety of contexts at Grace.

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About the Core Values Index

The Core Values Index (CVI) is a human assessment instrument tool that characterizes the innate or “real” unchanging nature of a person. With a repeat reliability score of over 94%, the CVI provides a description of how our intrinsic motivations operate, even ones that you may have had since childhood.

The CVI is different from a personality or strengths test.

Most assessments measure your adapted personality and therefore tend to produce different responses that might arise in different or changing contexts. However, the CVI discerns your deeper motivations, revealing why you respond the way you do, and how you can make the best use of your gifts and talents in any situation.

At Grace, we use the CVI in many of our ministries as an important tool to help us grow and change.

  • For instance, this instrument empowers our ministry teams to better honor each other and communicate in ways that respect our differences, while at the same time, pursuing our worship, connect, serve vision.
  • Also, this instrument is an important first step in many of our counseling and life-coaching ministries.
  • This tool can also be a great way to start a small group, or it can also be used in conjunction with telling your “life-stories.”